Add a delete List button

Hi people,

I am looking to add a delete list button but struggling to figure out how.

I added a ‘add to shopping list button’ but had to do some workaround work in my sheets (image attached) so now i think i have made to difficult to create a delete list button.

I am happy for any tips or recommendations on what i can do. I am not married to the ‘shopping list’ set up so happy to change it

The above image shows that when i click the add to shopping list button it adds a cell to this sheet and then i sue the transpose formula to separate the data in the cell.

This image is a pivot table i ave created from column B in the data from the above image.

I am happy to answer any questions or pay for time if needed

See if these examples give you ideas for building and modifying a list.


I’m not sure about what you have for the whole flow, but I think you can simplify it by having two Sheets.

“Shopping List” sheet: List name, Notes, List ID
“Shopping List Items” sheet: List ID, Item Name, Quantity

Then in Glide use a relation based on the list ID in the Shopping List sheet, you will be able to return a joined list of items.

If you want to delete the list, add a button in the Shopping List level that uses the delete row action, or use the delete button inside the edit screen.

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