🆕 Delete row action is in production

Just tested an app now and see the action has been pushed to production. Thank you Glide Team!



Yay! This is a game changer for some of my Apps. Thank you Glide :heart_eyes:

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Finally we can make custom editing


Time for some new videos!


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No more crazy logic to show/hide inventory of in-app items that users bought with in-app currency. They either have the item or they don’t!


Can also delete via a single relation just like set column


however, it does not work well with the condition attached

Can you clarify what does not work in your case?

Well it has a 10 second delay, I am confused

@Robert_Petitto What program or app do you use to do your recordings?

For these one-off videos, Loom. For my YouTube content, Screenflow.

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@Robert_Petitto thank you! I also appreciate all your videos they’re very helpful.

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Do you use it with a compound action? If yes, how many actions are in there?

I tried it in my app and it has no delay in-app.

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It is similar to the set column, having the same delay

What a fantastic update, been wanting this feature for a while (like many others)

Off to update some apps :+1:


Are you referring to setting Google sheets columns or glide?

It seems that the DELETE row action with single relation does not work for production roll-out.
(app is using 100% Glide tables)
Also seems that others are experiencing the same, after reading some posts.
It works as expected in the editor, however it is not working on the phone. I am not 100% sure what the problem is but it seems to be a lag issue between tables, where the single relation is perhaps lost, before the delete command is executed.

By using the editor the lag is somehow reduced, but the lag is to much when using the App on the mobile.

Happy to hear thoughts/suggestions, there can of course also be something wrong in my set-up/logic.

The set-up is basic
Table Names:
var-date - (date placeholder) - set to 01/01/1900 when record is created
Template (joining name,class to get unique string)
Relation (template in Table Record)

Table Record:
Template (joining name, class to get unique string) - to set-up the single relation

if var-Date is within “Today”
Delete Row - rel
Set Columns var-date 01/01/1900

ADD row
Sheet Record
Name - Name
Class - Class
Date - “Current Date”
SET column
This Item
var-date - “Current Date”

i would advice first you make sure the logic is correct… so instead of the delete row action put a show notification action and make sure the if var-Date within Today condition is met.