Delete this row action no longer working

Hi! I’ve been using the delete row action for a while in my app and haven’t had any issues with it until recently. Below is my action logic. It seems there was a “lost pointer” issue so that Glide didn’t know which sheet “this row” was on, but I’m not moving between sheets at all.

I’m using Glide sheets for my app, not Google.

I also noticed if I just add a button to a detail screen and assign the delete row action, the button disappears. Has something changed that I’m missing?


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are you sure there is at least 1 row there?

Do you have any filters on the screen level? How do you navigate to that screen? Is it tied to a row?

I have the same issue on a table. Trying to delete an entry I added twice. Unique RowIDs though. Have not tried other tables.

Yes, there is a row as I am able to view it in the table.

No filters that would affect the button. If I add a new button, it shows up. If I assign any action other than delete row it’s still visible. But the delete row action makes the button disappear.

Here’s the navigation:
Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 7.20.18 AM

Then I scroll to the bottom:

After tapping delete:

After tapping the delete confirmation i go back to the first image with the item still there. This used to work, maybe last month or the last couple of weeks is when I started noticing it.

Yes, the edit screen is tied to a row that I can see in the Table view.

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I just added a delete to a completely different app, and it is not working in this app either. I think Delete Row is broken. Glide Table in this case.

I added it to this second app because my first app is very large. @Glide here is a link to the support link

Please submit a ticket here.

Thanks, will do!


Sorry for the delay in getting back to this issue. So after submitting a ticket, Glide said that my project plan is no longer supported and that I need to switch to a new Team plan. Then the issue would be resolved.

But unfortunately for what I need, the Team plan that has the features that I currently have with my individual plan will cost 400% more than what I’m currently paying :rage:. Glide did offer a credit to try the team plan out but this will be a non-viable solution if these rates stay this elevated. Single app creators like me can’t afford the $99/month price but need more features than the new $25/month price tier…

I don’t think that can be right. The App where I am experiencing this issue is on a Startup Plan. It was on the old Pro plan when the issue surfaced, but the issue is still there. The app I copied the logic to in order to demonstrate the issue is on a Free plan. But the plan should not make a difference as to whether the “Delete” action works or not.

I just submitted a ticket as well.


Please let us know if you find any solutions from support, thank you!

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I don’t know. The email I got in response suggested that I am not worthy of email support On a starter plan – which is fine for true support. But I hope that doesn’t include bugs. I wish they had their template thing fixed so I could share the app and get someone else to verify the bug. I found out last week they probably don’t intend to do the copy app feature for pages.

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I would agree that they should still see those as a “bug submission”, regardless of the plan the user is on.


I’m aware of some discussion going on behind the scenes regarding this very issue. Hopefully some clarity will emerge soon.


Hi Thinh,

Support replied, " The delete action will not work as expected inside an Edit Screen. This is because the Edit screen does not work directly on the row you are editing. In order to get the row deleted, you need to enable the Allow users to delete. Then use the visibility conditions to show the delete button when the condition is met."

So there is a workaround provided, but this answer leaves a few questions.

  1. If there are actions that should not work for a particular screen type, should those actions be suppressed from the list?
  2. If we are ‘pointing’ to that record to edit it, why won’t it work? (my guess is they are using a temporary data row in order to make ‘cancel’ easy).

I agree with both, and I’m sure it did work before. Now that you type those out, I realized I just submitted a ticket for the same problem last week, since my delete action inside the edit screen suddenly doesn’t work anymore.

I don’t agree with using the “native” delete option. It doesn’t allow for any “custom prompt”. Imagine allow deleting a user but the prompt says do you want to delete this item? That’s the whole reason I used a button.

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It did absolutely work before. When it stopped working it was in a gigantic app that I don’t test the features every day. And I did try to replace it with the native delete and I don’t like that option either.