Deleted items reappear

User deletes an item (row) using the pencil/edit then delete button. The item reappears in a few seconds. Any ideas why this is happening?

There’re a lot of bugs with Glide last hours and days.
Very sad for our businesses.


Thanks for reporting your issue. While I’m not experiencing it by my side (as of now) can you confirm it’s still happening ?

If yes, the latency period might be the case.

I wasn’t able to sort out the problem last night so I turned off the option to delete and implemented an archive function using check boxes. Thanks!

Is this still happening? Are you using a Google Sheet or Glide Table?

We had a bug that was fixed yesterday related to deleting rows.

I implemented a work around using check boxes and disabled the delete button, so I’m all set.

I just had a similar issue when playing around with forms:
Adding a row as user (in the app builder), deleting the row in google sheets, row reappeared in glide but not in google sheets.

Going back to dashboard and reloading the builder helped.