🆕 Delete row action is in production

Thx @rayo added it and the logic seems good

Here the link to the app you can copy and review

Looks like its working correctly from my side
the rows are deleted.

put 2 inline list on the same screen so that you see the changes without having to go to the editor. Also don’t use the same notification for both the if and the else.

there is a bit of delay though because of the relation. so when you delete a row, it takes a second or 2 to show in the editor, not sure how to improve that.

Thank you @rayo for looking at this. I also have the same that it works using the editor, However it does not work on the mobile, which is so strange. The row is not deleted.

try something like this, does it help?

Missing part if first if is rel not empty

Thank you made the changes. Here is what is happening.

First execution add row - success
Delete row - shows Success “relation deleted” the entry disappears on the phone from the inline list
However the entry is still in the Records table.
Clicking it again then adds a duplicate to the Record table and the Inline list on phone gets refreshed showing 2 entries

Scratching around some more…

So playing around with this over the last couple of days, it is not working when using the app on a mobile. All works good in the editor but it seems the relation is lost when using the app on a mobile device. I also posted it under bugs but no feedback from the Glide team. Sadly I think I need to go back to Aldo for this App

Please create a new support ticket here.


Or record a video of your bug in action and post it here so we can help you with that.

Ok thank you, created a ticket

Happy to report that the Glide team fixed this Bug since Friday.