Swipe To Delete Items From Inline List?

Hey y’all I have a simple grocery list app and the only thing I can’t figure out is how to delete an item from the list.

the main tab is a tile view of the list you want to choose. Click that and it goes to a page with two inline lists. One for the unchecked and one below that for the ones that are checked.

It’d be cool to delete them, but I can’t figure out how to delete from an inline list. The swipe to delete would be ideal, but even if I have to click the item to go to a page that has a delete button that’ll be ok.
Just want to remove them from the list completely, cause right now they just bounce back and forth from the two lists depending on whether they’re set to true of false. (Check or unchecked.)

Thanks, lovin’ that Glide life!

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Hi Brad,

My idea on this is that an inline list pulls it data directly from your sheet. You’re filtering 2 inline lists with checkboxes value, so it’s natural that they will bounce back and forth based on that condition.

Isn’t the only way to delete them is to delete the row in question from the sheet? And in what case do you want to delete an item from the list?

If you go into the details of the list item and enable editing and deleting, you can delete it that way, unless you are looking for some other way to delete it.

Yeah you got he idea. I want them to bounce back and forth, but if all the sudden we don’t need something like diapers any more it’d be cool if I could delete just “diapers” without going into the sheet. That way my wife can delete them too in the app. Not super important, just really curious mostly.

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So from what I’ve seen that’d be true if the list was my “main tab.” So I have a tile list for the first page and then on the next page in there two inline lists. Each item in the list can be deleted, but you have two go through two pages to do it. I’ll show you my screenshot.

I was just hoping there was a little easier way.

Thanks for being so responsive you guys!

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Got it. Just wanted to make sure you were aware you could delete through the edit option. The only other thought I have is to put another checkbox or switch in the item details page. When it’s true, you can hide it from your lists. It would save one step to “delete”, but wouldn’t completely remove it from the sheet. You just wouldn’t see it anymore because it’s filtered out.

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