Easy way to delete multiple items from checklist


I have created a simple shopping list using a checklist tab, however, I have only been able to see how to delete items one by one after they have been purchased ie check box ticked. The only method I know is to select to edit an individual item then delete from there. With a long shopping list this is really time consuming. Does anyone know a way to “delete all” checked items? If not then is there another tab type I can try that might allow this?


You could create a filter that would only show rows where the checkbox column value is not ‘true’. It’s not a delete, but they are hidden from view. Otherwise you would need to create a Google script that would periodically delete rows where the checkbox value is true.

Thanks - I dont have the skills for a script but that would give me a chance to periodically go into the sheet and delete manually I guess.

Thanks so much!

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