Ability to swipe to prior or next item in Inline List - especially when set to Horizontal Scroll

I find it odd to click in and out of details pages of inline lists - especially when scrolling horizontally. It would be amazing to just swipe left to go prior and right to go to next item. A couple of use cases in my app:

  1. Scrolling/swiping through posts
  2. Manager scrolling/swiping through his/her team’s performance goals and approving/sending for rework.

It would make the UX much more efficient and enjoyable.



Hi Deena,

If it’s few lines description, the data may work out with adding it to the “Title” field when using Tiles layout and horizontal scroll.

For approval, maybe use favorite icon in lieu and if_favorited=TRUE, trigger an action in the sheet…? But I understand this use case is much bigger.

@Deena more swiping could be nice :+1:
Until we get there you could use increment actions. Have a look at how it could be done in this thread (with video presentation)
Upload multiple images to Cloudinary - now with presentation video

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