Show Detail Screen as Card or Swipe Style


I have an inline list and I want the Detail Screen to look Card or Swipe style when i click in InlineList.

I don’t want Detail Screen View.

How can I relate the data in Inline List with that of Swipe or Card ?

Any help ??

Thanks in advance.

Because you’re unable to have a swipe style as a details view, the only way to really achieve this would be to have a custom action on the inline list that saves the rowID of the item to a user column and then shows a new screen (swipe style) where the source is the table that you’re looking to swipe. You could then filter the new screen where (column) is the value that you saved.

Alternatively, if you have a relation already set up between the inline list item and the items you wish to swipe, you can set the new screen’s source to the inline list.

Here’s an example:


Thank you Robert,

I have noticed that in Card or Swipe view there is data that is hidden when you swipe up.

Perhaps it’s better to add a Card style frame and insert all the data inside.

Thank you !!

Hello, Robert, @Robert_Petitto

I have discovered this: yes you can see the details in Card View.

If you try to swipe the card, it seems impossible, but if you pinch with two fingers and then swipe, all the data in Card view can be accessed.