Trying to show cards one-by-one instead of swipes

I’m building a dating app and while the swiping features are great for showing one user at a time, I am trying to instead have users click on floating buttons to select whether they would like to connect or not with other users (like Hinge).

I think the way this might work would be by either disabling the actual swiping feature or be able to show one card at a time with the cards feature. However, I wasn’t able to figure out how to do either. Any good ideas here?

Perhaps @grumo might have some exceptional insights here. I built most of the logic with his awesome Tinder clone video!

Thanks for getting my Tinder template!

Two possible solutions:

  1. Delete the current swipe right custom action (like) and add a like button: Right now, if there is a match, the swipe right action will redirect the user to the private chat. You can change that behaviour to do nothing and instead add a “Like” button to the cards with a copy of the former swipe right action.

  2. Replace swipe component with incremental detail pages: I’ve used this approach on my QuizApp to iterate through questions. You could use the same approach to iterate through user profiles. Replace the swipe component with a simple inline list and choose the detail view to show only one profile page at a time. Then, you need to save the current user profile number inside a user specific column inside the currently logged in user’s row. Increment that value each time a user is liked/disliked. If there is a match use the same logic used in the former swipe right custom action to redirect the matched user to a private chat (or wherever you want to).

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Hey @grumo - thanks for your thorough response! I tried the first option and I think it may not be the best approach since I would like the clicking of the “Like” button to automatically show the next profile is not a match.

I think the second approach makes more sense. I tried the inline component but I am not able to do Detail view or show profiles one at a time. I took a look at your QuizApp video but wasn’t able to figure it out either. Do you have some sort of video or Loom you can send by any chance?

For the second approach, create a new tab that pulls data from the Users Table. By default, the users will be shown in List mode. Under, the tab options, go to Style and switch it to Details. That will show just the detail page for a single user.