Swipe Feature only showing one profile

Hi there,

I’m making a dating app like tinder. I have column for the users’ gender and the gender they are interested in. For some reason, when I enable the swipe feature I am only able to swipe the user I am viewing as - as opposed to other users of the opposite gender. Any suggestions what my mistake here might be? Any quick help here would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Row Owners? :thinking:

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@Darren_Murphy - that was literally it!! Spent two hours spinning my wheels and it was underneath my nose the entire time.

btw, is there anyway to customize the swiping functionality to not only swipe right or left, but say top right/left and bottom right/left? Think of it like swiping toward the corners of the screen giving you 4 options as opposed to left/right which would be only two.

When you’ve seen the same question asked in 101 different ways, the symptoms become fairly easy to spot :wink:

I’m afraid not - left and right is all we get.


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