How to make swipe feature user specific?

I’m using the Swipe feature to deliver an in-app tutorial to the user. The tutorial tab is NOT linked to my User sheet, but a tutorial description sheet. When one user swipes through, it takes over someone else’s tutorial screen and this user can see the other user swiping. Is there a way for the swipe feature to be specific to a user?

Are you using row owners? What exactly do you mean by ‘Swipe feature’? Lists can contain user-specific data

Did you set the “Last Swipe” to a “User Specific” column?

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This is where my mind was heading Santiago to solve this. But since I do not have the tab with the Swipe layout NOT pulling from my Users Sheet ( it is pulling from a tutorial instructions sheet), ‘Last Swipe’ is not accessing any data columns within the User Sheet. Hence my initial question if there’s a way around this IF a tab with the Swipe Layout ISNT pulling from a User sheet.

I’m thinking, “what does my Tutorial Instruction sheet need for a data column to dump the “last swipe” data into a user specific column in my Users sheet”

Swipe feature - means the new Swipe option for a tab layout

User specific column don’t need to be in a user sheet. Just add a new user specific column and point the swipe date to that new column.


What @Jeff_Hager said!