Swipe style is just great ! just

Hi there !!

I really like the Swipe style! It’s just great! But it would be possible to use it for other sheets, I mean not only in the users one, I don’t know if it is possible to add it in the Component inline list as an option, or if “save last swipe” could be optional (If I don’t want to save it) so as not to damage the other user’s experience.

I hope my comment is useful!


If you use a user specific column to hold the “save last swipe” value, then it won’t affect any other users.


Hi Jeff !

You are so right ! well … this is embarrassing, its like Glide 1.0 haha

Thanks for your reply !

Sorry Jeff !! I just remember

The option I am looking for is in other sheet were I dont have the user ID but i want to show the style.

So I cant use the user specific column.

Thats why my request of the inline list

A user specific column has nothing to do with a user id. It’s just a basic column with the user specific checkbox checked so the column becomes unique only to the signed in user. The column would be in the same sheet you are using for your swipe list.


I got it !

Thanks a lot Jeff !

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