All users sharing same session?

Hi. I’ve made a “tinder-like” swiping app, connected to an Airtable base. It’s working great, but for some reason when I test it with a few friends, we are all seeing the exact same thing synchronized. In other words, when I swipe right, the screens on the other phones do as well. And if we’re swiping at the same time, it’s a mess. It seems like we’re all in a single session, though have also all created users and logged in. Ideally I don’t even want users to have to log in, but that’s a separate topic.
Any help?

You’ll need to utilize USC columns which are isolated to that specific user’s actions.


User-specific columns allow you, the developer, to get many values from a single component. In your data editor, all of these values are written to a single cell and the value in that cell changes bases on the user, because that cell, and more specifically column, is user-specific.


  • The star rating of a restaurant.
  • The true/false toggle switch.
  • Notes

User-specific columns