Random Swipe?

Hi Everyone,

One day I wanted to make a Random Swiper using the Swipe Layout for show random subjects! But there isn’t a option for sort like other list layouts have. And I’m like :no_mouth:

Then next day I showed this to our Head Master and he said it might good to have a random sort for the subjects list. Then I thought to make a workaround but no idea what to do :joy:

One day in the forum I saw a topic that person needs to generate random numbers. And then I saw that Darren ( Murphy not Alderman :slightly_smiling_face: ) posted a nice solution that he did it with the Roll Dice column! And I’m like wow :exploding_head: How about applying this to the Swiper? :thinking:

Again in the next I day I tried to use that Roll Dice column but without success. On the same day I saw a topic that he needs to generate a random event and I did a quick test with the Roll Dice column and it worked! After posting that video I tried again with adding that logic and Darren’s Logic for randomize the subjects and FINALLY IT WORKED! :scream:

I did that without using the Users table. And I thought to share it with you’ll too!

Here’s a video :

Here’s the app to test and if anyone wants to copy the app :

Hope this helps!

If I’m wrong in somewhere that I have to look please let me know!

And also in this moment I need to say that Glide helps for my ambition and studies! My ambition is like Web Developing side and Glide gives the chance to add HTML and CSS that is really cool! And for me it’s like a practice!

When we can add CSS on Pages that will be so cool! And also in our IT lessons we have some short lessons like Excel, Google sheets and they are coming for practicals. Now I’m feel like I’m good with them creating apps using that data sources with Glide and can get a better mark! Thanks Glide for all you’ll do!

And I have to say that I love Pages a lot! :heart: I guess it may because I love Web Developing side :sweat_smile: Thanks for making them Glide Team!

Go Go Glide! :facepunch:

Thanks for reading!

Have a great day!


It work for me! Thanks a lot!!!

I have a problem!!!
when several users swipe at the same time.
it refresh the card for all users…

Are you using a user specific column to hold the swipe date?


If it’s a user specific column, then the swipe shouldn’t be affecting other users.

Can you show a screenshot of the swipe component configuration? In particular, the Swipe date setting.

Also, can you show a screenshot of the swipe date column in the table? In particular the heading for that column.

I thinks, it come from the Random number used to get random swipe

I get it, it’s because of the random number. I change it and use the users table.