Share with Friends & Swipe

Hello all,

i am trying to do two things and I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am using the Swipe function to swipe through “cards” of my products. I want to:

  1. If swiped right: Add a count (ultimately I want to sum up all counts to see how many right swipes) and also add to a “swiped right” list which will be shown under the user profile tab.

  2. I want to allow the user to share this screen/link/details with their friends (sms, fb etc). Whenever I try to do this I can only share the generic URL to the app and not the particular screen.

Thanks in advance.


Responding to (1) you need a roll up column:


But you need to be careful - if your swipe date column is user specific then this will only add up the swipes for the active user. The alternative is to have a custom action so that when the user swipes, Glide sets a column(s) that is not user specific (e.g. date and another for the owner email) and count those separately.