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I have an idea to develop app for a clothing retailers to show their various product daily.i need every new product to be a swipe cards like functionality, showing the new product by swiping.

If a new product clicked ,it should show the detail product page to order that product and also it should list related products below.

The swiped products should show in a separate tab.

Suppose I’m the 1st user seeing the product and swiped,

Can a 2nd user could see the product?

Is it possible to do?
Need clarification on the idea?

Hi, I assume you don’t want the 2nd user to see 1st users swipes.

If yes then it is definitely possible. Create a user specific column in the product list that can be named as “Swiped”. On your swipe action, add an action to “Set column values” and write Yes on the swipe column.

Create a 2nd tab with same data source. Filter the sheet to Swiped column as “Yes”.

To show related products on a product detail page, you will have to make a relationship within that sheet. You will have to create a category within the same sheet, and relate them with each other. Display the relation inline list on product detail page and label it as “Similar Products”. Make sure you filter that list so the product on current screen is not shown.


I’m having one doubt,what if the user don’t see todays posted product and how it could be shown on tomorrow with new product posted.

Whether it will show both date posted products in swiped products

Or else

It shows only todays posted only

When you use the swipe layout, the swipe gets recorded, so, you can show all items that haven’t been swiped yet…unfortunately, you can set the sort for the swipe—it will always show the card that hasn’t yet been swiped in sheet order OR the card with the earliest swipe date (if they haven’t been filtered out).

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