Swipe function like Tinder

This is just my ideal, but wouldn’t it be nice if Glide had the ability to swipe photos like Tinder?

I think swiping a photo, rather than just scrolling through it, is a very exciting feature for users.

Is it possible to implement it using CSS etc.?

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You can do that now. Not exactly like Tinder where it performs an action on each swipe, but just to swipe through images is already an option.

This works as described in the documentation with an array column, but also works with a relation and lookup column to have a dynamic array of images.


In addition—add a favorite button to the image to have a one-press action to save matches to your favorites.


@Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto Thank you for your reply.

After all, you can swipe an image, but you can’t perform an action for each swipe like a gif. Can’t we somehow implement a swipe feature with actions like Tinder?

I really want that feature.

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No, not with an additional action. Check out the Memories tab here: https://rwtsk.glideapp.io/. It’s not swipe, but but allows you to view different rows. Like @Robert_Petitto said, you could add a favorites or switch to “approve” or “disapprove” of the image.

If it’s a feature you want, you can add a request here:


Thank you for politely teaching me :pray:
I’ll do as you taught me!!

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Just noticed the new Swipe functionality is now available, though the UX is a bit strange (every time I swipe, it automatically opens the screen related to the card that I swiped. a behaviour that I think shouldn’t be assumed and automatically decided for me).
But it’s probably too early to have expectations from it so I’m excited to see where it’s gonna go :slight_smile:

Screenshot 2021-01-23 at 11.30.19 AM

You configure the actions for left and right swipe in the features section.

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OHHH yesss omg