Profile Building System

Hi, I’m looking to build a Tinder style app that utilizes the swipe feature to increment data that categorizes a user’s preferences on political issues. I’ve set it up so that each card has a political statement that the user can swipe to either agree or disagree with. Each time they agree, the question’s score column in incremented by one in the spreadsheet. Each question row also has a column which designates which political standpoint the question represents. What I’m trying to do from here is create a page that allows users to view the results of their input. I’ve made a basic screen that accurately displays the results by grouping them by political position, allowing users to view the proportionality of their results in this regard. What I’m most having trouble with however is the card that is used to access it, on which I’d like to display the position with the highest score.

Can you go into more details on which “card” are you referring to here?

If you already have the right numbers (I assume with relations and rollups) you can just display it on a details screen.