Using Inline List in Swipe Layout: does it work?

Hi gliders!

I am trying to use the horizontal screen in tablet format to utilize better the screen size for desktop and tablet users. Am going to use left part of screen to show a list of items, filtered and sorted by choice components located in the same left part of screen.

But i meet there two troubles.

  1. When i split to the Swipe Layout, all the Inline List in my screen stop the work.
    When return back to Detail screen, Inline Lists starts to work.
    Here is the video Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software.

  2. If the reason is Swipe Layout does not support my idea about using Left part of Screen for List and Filtering, what could be the way for this? All the Lists Layouts support’s only Lists, but i need to include extra components there on the left (choice for filtering and button for add item).

Maybe it would be solved in Pages, but for now a) it is in Beta yet, b) why not in App by Tablet mode?

So when you use a horizontal inline list on a swipe layout it doesn’t work? Can you record a video?

Hello Thindinh,
Thank you for your feedback, and sorry please i forgot to include the recorded link.
There is it Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software
It stops to show Inline List when I switch to Swipe Layout from Detail.