[feature] GO TO PAGE - Breadcrumb Navigation

Hi all. I had an idea for an ACTION. Similar to “Go to Tab”.
It would be great to be able to assign to a button the ability to Go To a specific page from a dropdown list. Same as the Go To Tab action method.

Another aspect I was wondering if you could copy the breadcrumbs path the same way we copy file paths on computers? example: C:\Users\modul\Documents and then add it as a Custom Navigation.
Breadcrumb: home > page 1 > details etc. Maybe this should be a separate feature request.

Let me know your thoughts.
If anyone has suggestions to methods that could assist please let me know.


You can do this. You just need to create a custom action for your button, with a separate conditional path for each choice selection.

Ok. Please provide an example?

Okay, lets imagine that you have 3 tabs: Home, Users and Things.

  • To get a select list, create a column (anywhere) and fill it with the names of your tabs, one on each row.
  • In the table that your screen is attached to, create a User Specific Text column
  • Add a choice component to the screen. Use the list of tabs as the source, and set the User Specific column as the target.
  • Add a button, with the following custom action:
    – If User Specific Column is “Home”, Go To Tab → Home
    – If User Specific Column is “Users”, Go To Tab → Users
    – If User Specific Column is “Things”, Go To Tab → Things
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Hi Darren, I’m sorry I don’t follow this method. How do you set Breadcrumbed pages as a source?

I’ll need to create a screen capture of what i’m doing.

I wasn’t referring to breadcrumbs. I was providing an example of how you could do the below:

sadly we have to remove all these from our apps, this is impossible to use considering the updates count. Although very nice to create such components or sections in our apps but this will quickly consume unnecessary updates.

As did I. As did we all. It would be very nice if Glide could respond to this (and the other similar thread which I could not immediately find):


Yes Please! This would be extremely useful!
A way to go to Breadcrumb pages from actions would also be super useful just like @Richard_Jenkins said.

I wish glide would create a family tree view or a list of all “New Screens”/All Screens that you can link directly to. I often have duplicate menus/window actions on different sub pages that I have to duplicate and update individually. It would be incredible if there were at least a list of all the custom pages that you could link to when making a “Show New Screen” action.

I also wish it was easier to pull values from pages. That’s where I use the User specific columns a lot on the users profile, but it’s an annoying work around for a feature that I think should carry over better within the interface.

For instance, If I have a list > click on an item > and open a “New Screen” from that item, I’d like to have access to the values from that item, but the “New Screen” breaks the data link. What would be really ideal is if data carried over all the way down the line.

So Menu Page > List > Selected Item > Sub-List > Sub-Sub-List > New Screen or Action - I think this New Screen/Action should have access to the values from the Selected Item and all selected sub-items that brought me to the current screen or action. There’s a clear breadcrumb trail that go me here, why can’t I use that breadcrumb trail to retrieve values from each list?

Instead I have to create custom actions that includes setting a user specific value in the User’s Profile and then retrieving this from the action or window. There’s still some limitations to this work around and it’s time consuming and messy.

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I find a lot of that in Glide – busy work that could be done away with. I have not ever heard anything from Glide regarding resolving this. I also have to use the user table for “common” data, and it’s been this way since I started using Glide several years ago.

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