Buttom with Custom link for each users!

Hello Gliders!

Ive currently hit a wall and imhere in hopes of some help.

I run a travel agency and im trying to put most of our offered services for our clients to check out in an app. Glide seems to be perfect for this!

I made a new sheet for my home screen and another for for My Items.

On the my itens list, i want to show all our avaliable services (right now, photos, tickets and schedules)!

Alright! Everything so far is peachy! My problem now is that whenever someone clicks photos, the screen should take them to a generic message (that part is easy) and i need a button that has a diferent link for each diferent user! (thats the problem im having, i create a button and it shows blank.)

What am i doing wrong? I tried to make a sheet exclusively for the button, but aparently i cant pull it up as a target source, so i tried to have a row with diferent links and user IDs

Is this even possible with Glide? Super appreciate the help!

EDIT: Can only upload 1 image since im a new user :frowning:

Can you tell us what is the conditional logic for the links here? Do you want a different link for each of your services?

Sure, in my case. I want everything to be the same except one button, allow me to elaborate.

On the My Itens page, everything will be the same for all users. But when you click on PHOTOS, there should be a normal text and button (again, avaliable to all users) for them to schedule a session.

Now, on the red question marks on the picture below, it was suposed to have a button (similar to the one on top) that opens a diferent link for each user, so they can acess their photos that i host in a webservice.

Do you have that external link stored inside your app yet? Where do you store it, and what column are you pointing to in the open link action?

I suspect the column you’re pointing to is empty, hence the button isn’t visible.

I just triple checked it, and it seems to be fine.

Seems odd that you’re using a user-specific column for this. Can you confirm that you can not see the buttom even if you’re viewing as the user that can see the links?

Can you try inserting another link inside there instead of the one you’re currently have, in case Glide can’t open Google Photos links?

Hi! Id like to confirm that i am using the correct user (i made a column just for me) and also switched links to simple things like www.google.com and still the problem persists

Buenos dĂ­as Diego

Is there a way you can relate the users table to the items table, maybe by adding an email and relating it back to the users…

Hi Pablo! How would i do that?

Do you have any visibility conditions on that component, or on the tab level?

I’m thinking…if each button has a user, you could assign a user (email) yo each button and then relate it to each user…and place the related link on the buttons…

So it looks like you clicking on the photos category which opens the details of the first row (Photos) in your items sheet. Are you expecting it to show values, such as the links, from one of the other unrelated rows? The problem is you are viewing the first row. Not the other rows. That’s why the button doesn’t show, because your first row does not contain a link.

Those photo links really should be in a separate sheet because they are child records of the photo category. Child records should not be in the same sheet as the parent. First move the link rows to a separate sheet.
Next, create a template column in your items sheet that returns the user email from the user profile. Use that template column to create a single relation to the photo links sheet and a lookup column to return the url for that user.

You could also add row owners to that second sheet if you choose. If you do that, then you could try simply adding a single value column in the items sheet that returns the url from the first row in the photo links sheet. Row owners should automatically filter to the correct user’s row and display the correct link in the single value column.

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Hi Jeff. I tried to use the solution you gave me but i think im doing something wrong. So, now the button shows (but the link wont change according to the user.) Lemme show you:

I made a new sheet and set it as the source for that particular screen

I tried to switch VIEW AS user to see if the links change, but no matter what i use, it always shows the first link. If i select an invalid user, the button vanishes.

The second sheet is good, but you shouldn’t need to create another tab if you want to stay with the original design. Keep the sheet, but remove the tab. Read through all of this first. Looks like you went down a different path. You should be able to stick with your original design plan with only a couple of minor changes to make it work. But let’s stick with the app flow you want.

The next problem is that it appears you haven’t enabled Row Owners on the email column. So changing who you view as will have no effect on which row is visible to the user.

Of the two methods I mentioned in my previous post, the first one is less secure since it does not use row owners. The second one that does use row owners is more secure. Row owners determines what data is sent to a user’s device. Otherwise all data is sent to a user’s device, regardless if they can visibly see it or not within the app. (Thus Row Owners is a more secure method).

How you want your app to flow is up to you. A separate tab will work if you set a filter on the tab to filter by signed in user or you set Row Owners on the sheet.

If you want to to stick with your original app flow, and keep the links secure, then I would follow the last paragraph in my previous post and set row owners on the Photos sheet and then create a single value column in your Items sheet that pulls that link into your items sheet (confused now because your new screenshot doesn’t show all the sheets/tables that you showed in your previous post). The goal is to get a unique photo url in the items sheet that changes dynamically based on the signed in user.

Oh, and like @ThinhDinh originally mentioned. Can you explain why you are using a user specific column for the link? You already have a unique row for each user, so there is no need to create a column that is designed to hold several unique values for several different users in the same cell. The way you are trying to use it will actually complicate things because that url may become tied to your account (since you are the one adding the links), but would be empty for everybody else (even though row owners would allow them access to the row). You don’t need a user specific column in this case, because you have a unique row for each user. Make a new basic column to hold the url. If multiple users shared a row and were able to make changes to that row at the same time, while remaining a unique experience for each user, only then does it make sense to use user specific columns.

Now I’m not sure off the top of my head if the Row Owner/Single Value method will work correctly in the glide editor, but it will work for sure in the published app. It may work everywhere, but if it doesn’t, then let me know.