Passing result from Glide to GS

for my use case of a Quiz, I have been taking the response from Google sheets and did some calculations in Data Editor…
I need to pass the results back to Google sheets so that I can automate issuing of certificates…

Suggestions please on how to pass the result from Data Editor to Google sheets.


The only way I can think of to do this is to have an extra (non-calculated) column, and then use an action to do a Set Column to update the result into that column. But that would require user action - ie. a button tap or similar. But, that could be part of the flow that happens as the final step of your quiz.

I did a quiz app recently. Had a lot of user-specific columns in the Quiz sheet, then calculate the points straight in there using ITE columns. The submit button uses an add row action to write those to the Answer sheet.

thanks @Darren_Murphy,

I was thinking to do compounded action like attached photo…the step would be

  1. user do the Quiz and press Submit button
  2. then and If condition to check for Pass/fail
  3. Add row to a certificate sheet

BUT it seems I cannot add the If condition between Quiz (show form) and Add Row

Other suggestion? Thanks

Maybe you need to do this in two steps?

  • User submits the response to last question, results are calculated
  • Present another button “Get My Results”
  • If “passed”, do this, else do that…

So if they don’t pass then the record isn’t added?

trying now…thanks

if they don’t pass, no certificates…
so want i wanted to do is if pass, send the relevant information to a new sheet which is connected to, for example Certify’m or something similar…so certificates will be automatically generated and sent by this add-on.

Any actions that are supposed to happen AFTER a form is submitted should really be set up as a separate compound action within the form. You can do this by opening the form, then go into the features tab and set the action on submit.


thanks @Jeff_Hager,
it makes it much easier…I kept forgetting this feature.

I am testing increment action when form submit. I notice that you cannot increment a User specific column?

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Set Column, that allows you to edit the column that the user is currently in which should be their column.


Are you trying to increment a value in the new row created by the form, or a value in the parent sheet that hosts the form button?

I tested for both…meaning when I could not do it in parent, I tried to also in the new row created by the form. But when I change the column to a normal number, then I can see the column is available for selection for increment.
I will continue to check.

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This maybe related…I have not gone back to test increment as I needed to fix another issue.
I have a quiz sheet and a quiz response sheet. When a User takes the quiz, a form will show and the user input is is sent to quiz response. Under button features I created an action to send the answer back to quiz sheet (as I wanted to do some other processing) using relation to get the columns shown and populated them with what I need from answer sheet. No information was transferred. When I did a relations between quiz and quiz response and use Single Value to pull a value I wanted into Quiz then it works fine

You can see the Quiz sheet with U1*Single being values pulled back using relations and U10, U10Specific not showing anything. And the second picture is the setup for Set columns action. I have also tried to set value for the quiz response sheet and failed as well.


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I need to play more with actions and set column. I just haven’t done it enough yet.

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Ive been using set columns to trigger scripts recently.

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@Drearystate if possible to share screen shot of how you set up the columns in action?
I could not figure out why increments or set column is so difficult for me

Yes, I do that as well. In fact, I demonstrated that technique in the tutorial I posted the other day.