Paging and navigation using increment action

That formula is looking for a custom function named ImportJSONBasicAuthentication.
If you’ve copied the App and Sheet, then any scripts included with the original sheet would not have been copied over. So you would need to download and install that script manually.

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Thanks Darren, I understand that. Just pointing that out because I think this would help other noobs like myself if/when they try to copy the app and it doesn’t work.

(Other noobs like myself that are likely not familiar with installing scripts like ImportJSONBasicAuthentication :slight_smile:)

Hey @vijay, how did you figure this out? Did you have to manually link each tile to each row, or where you able to do this algorithmically?

Hey @alexdw5 sorry for the delayed reply. Firstly I see the error here that you are not doing the increment in a details view but instead you are doing it inside the row of a particular record.

That way it won’t work, you will need to work on a details view and use an inline list the way I made it.

I see we have a call scheduled for tomorrow. I will help you out fully during that. I think I will be able to help once I have a deeper look at how you have set up your app but I am sure it’s not a bug and it’s solvable.

Also for the screenshot you shared, I dont seem to have any scripts or importjson formulae in my sheet. Not sure where you are getting those from.

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I’m wondering if there is any documentation on how to set up the sheets for this navigation using the increment function.

I’m trying to breakdown Manan_Mehta’s video, trying to work backwards to create the “navigation” sheet demonstrated in the video. And trying to figure out how to set up the relationships in order to create the nav buttons to move through the rows in a list of exercises in the main spreadsheet.



I’ve tried to set up my data tables just like you have in this video. Here’s what I get:

Obviously, my Relation Column “Ex TESTER” is not returning the RowID from “HOME WO” table. I’ve set it up exactly as you show in your video:

Is the app available to copy so we can see the data sheets and how you’ve set them up? I seem to be doing something wrong here.

I’ve just been looking for a simple way to navigate from one record (row) to the next record (row) in Detail View. Seems like a pretty standard functionality. Don’t know why it’s so hard.

What am I missing? Thanks!

Everything looks correct. The only thing you need to change is to uncheck the “match multiple” in the relation column. Let me know if that works out.

Unchecking “match multiple” doesn’t work. I actually got it to work the other day, but “match multiple” needs to be checked. (It’s checked in your example video.) And it’s not working 100% of the time…the “counter” is changing, but the data is not changing in the Layout screen of the app editor.

But, look at what is being returned in the Ex TESTER column: " :man_shrugging:" This is odd. Your video returns the ROW ID from your Bike List sheet.

Thank you for your help!

What the relation column shows is irrelevant. It’s just indicating if it found a matching row or not. It won’t necessarily show the column value that you are relating to. Just looking at @Manan_Mehta’s video quickly, it seems that all you need to do is add an inline list to the screen that uses that relation and it should show the related items based on the counter value.

Yeah, it was working. But then it stopped working. I’ll play with it some more.

Thank you!!!

Is your counter a number that would find a matching item in the relation?

Sorry for the delayed response. As @Jeff_Hager mentioned, the front end needs to have something that showcases the record you want to show.
From the screenshots you have shared it looks like the relation has been formed correctly.
If you still aren’t able to solve this, could you send a screen recording showing both the data sheet and the front end?


@Manan_Mehta good job.
I used this way for my app but since a couple of weeks, there are some issues to display the image (cf. this link related to the bug
Have you ever met this bug and, how did you manage to fix it ?
Thanks in advance for your help

I did check this out but it’s quite weird what you have there. Not sure what the bug is because I haven’t faced it before.

Good work-around,:+1:

thank you, it helps me in building some more apps with an ease. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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