Increment Action?!

Wait a minute…what in the tarnation is THIS?


I swear thanks to you I would never miss the newest features. Glide should hire you as their new feature announcer :rofl:


This is blowing my mind…so I click on an image/action text/button/etc. and the associated column increments by x? (or decreases by -x?

Alright y’all reply with use cases!

Voting? Scoring? Likes/Ratings? What else?


Upvotes/Downvotes for posts.


Might help @Christophe_HK with this. Not exactly automatically, but would make it possible.


Regarding ratings (based on stars, to be exact).

I have used this formula for a long time to rate the news sources.

This uses the REPT function, which replicates a value X amount of times.

Instead of using the choice component to store ratings like you had to do back in the days, now you can use the REPT function combine with this increase/decrease feature.

Documentation of REPT function:

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I’ve to move to another no code tool regarding other constraints that can’t be answered and can’t wait anymore, but that would have helped yep!

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Super easy add points:

Reddit but created in glide!
Does it work in conjunction whit the progress bar?

Check this out:

:scream: Reset button!


:clap: very clever, @Robert_Petitto!


this looks awesome, I’ve been waiting for a way to allow users to upvote / downvote items.

Is there a way of limiting users to only upvoting/downvoting once, rather than constantly incrementing?

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Not yet. It’s a little bit nerve-racking to make this feature live because users can increment infinitely without any record or ledger.

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Could we make a 2 tile inline with +1 and -1?

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Now we need to be able to put two buttons next to each other!

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That might work!

Ideas of use cases:

  • Number of articles to add to cart.
  • Number of people in the group: for tickets, for a booking.
  • Number of days for a stay.
  • Number of votes on a piece of content: likes, dislikes, upvotes, downvotes, hearts, claps, stars, … (good one @ThinhDinh).
  • Actions’ counter: habits, sales won, games won, …

For French speakers, a guide to create a simple counter with this “increment” actions:

The “reset” approach of @Robert_Petitto should be added to it

In that case, couldn’t we put a visibility condition on the button? when reaching a certain number restrict visibility?