Increment Action?!

How do you set that limit though? Let’s say I have a post in the community here, I can just upvote myself 100 times. If you stop people from voting at 100, for example, it does not make sense in my opinion.

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Only if the value of that column should never go higher than a certain amount. But in the case of likes or points you don’t want to put a limit on the maximum allowed. You just want to put a limit on the number of times it can be incremented by a single user.

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I also noticed that you can’t include an increment action component with in the edit tab or a form. I assume that’s because nothing gets written to the sheet yet but it would be awfully nice to include it somehow. I’m thinking of restaurants or inventory about adding quantity of items before submitting a form.

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Just an idea, Robert, I have seen some bots on Reddit that automatically delete their comments if the points reach below zero. Potentially a use case for a forum app when we can control the votes done by each user.

Have you guys tried upvoting from different devices?

Only votes from my builder are being recorded, and the upvotes from apps on phone/desktop are ignored.


I got bored, in my case, I put a condition of If (…> = 10 so when it arrives at 10 it crashes, not allowing to add, thus remaining 10, it will depend on the use case.

Wow! What a great feature! Navigation between records and going to next/previous row can become so much simpler with this!

Try it out in the all bikes tab:


Wow didn’t think about the navigation with this. Great use case Manan, thanks a lot!

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My all bikes tab is empty?

Awesome use case. I image every bike has a bike ID#? Relation from counter to the ID#?

Would imagine so. Have a user-specific column that takes the increment value, relate them back to the bikes sheet with the counter ID.

I imagine the counter ID can be populated by an easy ARRAYFORMULA with ROW inside.

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Ya, but it wouldn’t be that quick with spreadsheet formulas.

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We’ll have this fixed on Tuesday. Sorry.

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Yes this is exactly how I did it. Very straightforward with the increment function compared to what we had to do before to achieve the same.

Yeah there was a small thing I missed with the user-specific column. Fixed it!

This feature wasn’t formally announced. Totally understandable, so no worries, @Mark.

@Manan_Mehta would you be willing to share a small demo app how you accomplish the next/previous action. Could be great for the community I expect. :blush:


I was about to try it and if Manan doesn’t have time I would write it.

But I would prioritise the Query post, as I promised to you guys in the community meetup. :smile:


I did something similar in the memories tab here, but in a different way.

The only thing I’d recommend is to make sure you are accounting for deleted rows. I used a helper sheet that used unique to remove any deleted rows, then figured out the values for previous/next, then pulled them back into the original sheet with a vlookup. Mine is different too in that it changes the entire screen to a different detail row, instead of just the relation like yours. However, I do like how yours keeps everything in the same detail screen. Might have to see if I can merge some of your ideas into mine.


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