Increment stopped working?

I have two tabs with different submit buttons and different actions, however both should be incrementing by one on each respective column. One button is working, the other is not! Both are using the same logic and the same type of column. Is this happening to someone else?

Noticed it too today on my sheet. Increment action is not working any help pls.

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Re-opening this thread, as I believe I found what the problem is.

I had the same problem in one of my apps recently - an Increment Action just inexplicably stopped working. When I investigated, I discovered that the Increment Action now expects an extra configuration item - “Row”

This appears to be something that has recently changed. In my broken action, this parameter was empty. The fix was simply to configure the parameter to use “This item”

Dontcha just love it when Glide ships these breaking changes by stealth? :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Edit: Actually, just thinking about it, maybe this change isn’t that new. Logically, I’d think it probably would have been introduced at the same time that the ability to set values/increment via single relations was introduced. Anyway - something changed back in Feb that broke it, and the fix appears to be to just reconfigure it.