Action increment "this item" unhelpful


when editing an action, you can increment a value in your table
two issues:

  • I can’t choose which table to modify (locked in on the main data source, but not the one i want to modify)
  • I can’t choose which item to modify (locked in on “this item”, no other options available

no help from docs: Glide Docs • Increment value

needless to say, I wouldn’t have these issues without glide, because I wouldnt be able to build an app at all. Thanks to the team for making Glide awsome

By default, the Increment Action can only operate on the current row (This Item) or the User Profile row (if User Profiles are configured).

If you want it to operate on some other row - either in the same table or another table - then you need to create a single relation from the current row to the row you want to operate on.


Probably should tell them to update the Docs to show that we can increment over a relation.

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