How to increment a number counter field?

I want to make a button (or anything) where upon tap/click, the number column will be incremented by 1.

How do I do this? Link action which trigger a formula?


Hi there, we don’t have a native way of doing this in Glide at the moment. However we are going to create a number stepper soon which would allow you to do this very easily.


Thanks Jack! The lazy me will wait. When’s the planned release in the roadmap?

Haha, sure. Hard to say, unfortunately. But we’re keen on it so not far off.

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What’s the use case for this scenario?


Check-ins, Likes, Etc.

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That’s how I feel about most items on our wishlist! :wink:


I have a working spreadsheet + app scripts version here

But I haven’t tried to hammer it into an app yet…

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Hi, Has a number stepper been added to Glide yet?

No, not a native built in one. You’re best option right now would be to create a button with a Zapier action. Let zapier write a new row to the sheet, then use a rollup column to count the number of rows. Not a great solution and it would have lag.

I am also in need of the number stepper for my app…please let me know when it is available

Hey @JackVaughan,

Is this feature released yet? This would be very helpful way to decrement an “inventory” qty down, but I’m sure there are many other applications. The Zapier “work-around” seems clunky and cumbersome.

@Bamr I don’t know if you would want a button just to decrement an inventory item. You could simply create a relation column to link to your purchased items, a rollup column to count the number of purchased items, and a math column to subtract that rollup value from a starting inventory.


@Bamr, not yet. But Rob & Jeff both provide some options.

Thanks for the feedback. Rob’s work around is clever and would work but would be overkill for such a simple calculation.

I actually found another App service calls AppSheet that has exactly what I was looking for, and a bunch more.

I think we have the winner now!!!
The new action called Increment within Action Text´s features makes this posible!

I´m watching you Glide!! :face_with_monocle:


Yep…you can use this as a (mathmatical) reset button as well!

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I could use this for a score card I have for my classroom. Each time they mine an asteroid they earn 500XP.