Use Increment in a different sheet

I want to increment a number after adding a new row in a sheet through a form. But the number to increase is in another sheet. Is there any work-around to create an action to do that?
thanks for helping out

Increments actually can’t be done via relation (though we have requested it @mark :pray:). You’d have to use a lookup > math column > set column combo. I do something similar here (episode 3):

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Deleted my post @Robert_Petitto

No worries. Wishful thinking. It’s a needed feature.

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Thank you for the feedback. The problem is that the google sheet has a long lag until it is updated. That is why I wanted to use the increment action. So yes: it is a much needed feature to use action across tables!
I decided to use google-sheet-formulas to count the number of entries on another sheet - despite the lag. it still seems to be the best option available at the moment.

I was unsure whether glide-sheet would offer the functionality to use common sheet formulas?

It might be worth thinking about how you capture, handle, and store data - depending on your use case.

Glide Tables are a lot faster - with the downside that you cannot naturally get at the data…
BUT you can! with some creative thinking.

I have one sheet (GSheet) which is called CollectTest. This has two increments built in, one for the user to step through the test process, the other (increment_agent) for the call center agent. The increments set up visibility - and other things. For instance, when the user increment = 3 (let’s say) then an Agent is assigned a task to handle the user call. And when the Agent completes their verification process (increment_agent = 7), the button to ‘continue’ appears on the User screen, and a timer is set, etc, etc.

When the process finishes, I have a compound action running from a final ‘save’ button. This copies all relevant data into a SavedTest sheet (GS) and deletes the row in the CollectTest sheet. This means the user has a fresh strat when they come back to the app.

This approach has the added benefit that it allows for the user to ‘save’ their current step and come back in… because the increment is the same :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Some things that are very temporary I do in Glide Tables. I have another app which has a swipe interface through cards. Each swipe is recorded in a Glide Table. Some Swipes (based on a compound action) can then get saved in another sheet/

Another thought - work out how time critical information is. I am fortunate that most parts of my app can have a 5 - 10 second delay. I try to make sure this is NOT experienced by the user though :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Ahh this lookup>math>set combo just saved me. Thanks mate!