Incrementing sum of gathered meditation minutes?

Dear Glide Community,
I am totally fascinated by how quickly I can build an app with Glide with little prior knowledge. Right now I am working on a meditation app that counts how many minutes a person has already meditated. I am currently solving this very cumbersome via Google Sheets functions that I add up all completed meditations of a person in a profile column, which are stored in another spreadsheet, via VLOOKUP. However, this causes the Google Sheet to take a lot of computing time. I am therefore looking for alternatives.

I would prefer to use the “Increment” glide function: When a meditation is completed, I would like to increase the sum of the accumulated minutes in the user’s profile. Unfortunately, this does not work as I had hoped, since I can only increment the columns of the meditation spreadsheet, but not the columns of the profile spreadsheet. Am I missing something in the increment function? How could I use it better?

Thanks a lot for your help.

I’ve asked for this as well. Until we can increment of value in a different sheet, you have to bring in that value into the current sheet using a single relation and look up column. Then, create a math column to provide the increment you want (usually plus one). Lastly, use the set column action (instead of increment) to overwrite the “minutes” column with the value from the math column.

So complicated…being able to increment over a relation column would be so much easier! @Mark