Increment button (not as a sheet edit)

First off lovvvee the increment action.

And this issue is 100% on our situation, but I’m hoping I can find a better solution with the help of this awesome community.

We use glide as a facility count for Covid restrictions. For example, we have a max capacity of 50% so we count members IN and OUT of the facility to make sure we are within the designated amount.

On a daily basis, we will have between 400-600 members in the facility

Times that by 2 and your around 800-1600 “sheet edits” per day or 4800-9600/week and then way more a month.

Max edit is 1000/month for the free and 5000/month for basic

Ideally, we’d like the unlimited but not ready to invest the $288/year

Any suggestions on how to make an increment not a sheet edit on each push (IN and OUT)

Thanks in advance!

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Can you try building it with a glide table instead of a google sheet?

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well that’s embarrassing…
Thanks Jeff that worked !

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