How can I work around the free limit on sheet edits, without using Glide Tables?

hi, question…
what kind of column i can add to create a counter of clicks, that will not affect sheet edits and will be visible to all users? without creating glide table

I don’t think there’s a way to do that without using Glide Tables though. You have to store a global column, if it’s a user-specific counter then you can use a user-specific column, but obviously not the case here.

yep, and i dont feel like copy the data base to new glide table… ;-(
they should create column that is global specific lol

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Could you create a Glide Table just for this function, then relate it back to the regular Sheet tabs and pull in the data with a relation/lookup?

yes, but will this affect row limit for non pro Apps? are glide table rows are counted to row limit???

Yes, I believe they still count towards the row limit. What sort of app is it?

regular public

No I mean what is the intended audience and type of data it’s collecting? Is it definitely going to run into row limit issues? If so, it may benefit from some other Pro features too.

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in my app, im counting inline list clicks to show how many views specific item got, to use glide table I would have to copy google sheet there and make a reference to it, so i can relate increment .
that would double rows number for that data

Hmm yeah I think the only way to do it is to write to a non-user-specific column so that you can rollup the values to get a total across all users. Rolling up user-specific columns is a feature request that may end up doing what you’re looking for, though I don’t know if it’s something that will make it through the pipeline anytime soon.

yes, but that is affecting sheet edit limit for non pro apps

Sometimes they put these limits in place to force users who create great apps/processes to upgrade!

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not sometimes… this is the permanent limit

You cannot edit a Google Sheet without incrementing sheet edits.

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i know that… i was wondering if i could write counter value into a column like user specific-column (which is not affecting sheet edits), but it will be visible to everybody without doubling data by creating glide table which will affect row limit… :wink:

I guess technically if you redo everything and just start with a Glide Table, you wouldn’t be doubling the data.

So it’s either more work to start over, or a Pro subscription to get around the sheet edits!

yes… but then i cant process that data in google sheets… lol

User-specific columns do not cause sheet edits, correct. They are also not stored in the Google Sheet.


There is an export function if it isn’t data you need access to in a Google Sheet all the time. I’m sure you could also do an add row action to also add data to a Google Sheet, then create a script to move that data to another separate sheet, then delete the row that was originally created in the sheet. Seems like a lot of trouble though…

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i dont need to store counter on google sheet, is just cosmetic