Edit count questions

I have a few questions about Edit counts in apps. I have my app set up with Google Sheets, but only because I have a script that pulls data from the web and updates the Sheet once each day. No way to get away from that at the moment. But in Glide, when people choose options in the app, it doesn’t make any changes to the Google Sheet, all their choices are placed in user specific columns, and then everything else is calculated with computed columns. However…I am still nearly reaching my Update limit this month for my free plan. My app is basketball score predictions, and I see now that every time a user chooses a date to see the predictions for that day’s games, it counts as an edit. I’m not sure why…they pick the date, that goes to a user specific column, then depending on the date they are shown the proper data that’s already on my Google Sheet. Nothing is being edited on the sheet. Do changes to User Specific columns count as edits? I was under the assumption they don’t…but it seems to not be working the way I thought.

Yes, they do.

Thanks for the answer. I always thought edits only applied when they were an edit to the Google Sheet. So would it be any different if I created a new Glide Table and placed my user specific columns there instead? Or would those still register as an edit?

The different types of updates are Adds, Edits, Deletes, and Syncs. The only thing you eliminate by using glide tables is Syncs. Everything else still applies.

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