How to increment value in Glide table by Glide API?

Hey gliders,
I use Glide Pro tables, and now need to increment the column (e.g. Amount) by Glide API using Integromat\Make.
But there are just AddRow, SetColumn and DeleteRow options in Glide API.
So i need to use SetColumn in API. But how can i add (increment) my new Amount to the Amount already existed in the Column “Amount”?
Thank you

You probably need to find a way to store the current value in a Make Data Store value, then you can calculate the new value within the scenario and set it via the API.

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Hi Darren,
Thank you so much!
I’ve thinked so, but when i am inside Make i do not know the value in exact row, which i need - because there is no SearchRow in Glide API((

Yeah, I understand that. Which is why I suggested that you may need to find a way to store the value in Make.

I know nothing about your app or your scenario, so I can’t say exactly how you would do that. But maybe you can use a webhook action somewhere in your flow that sends the current value to Make. Make could then store it and re-use it later. I’ve used a similar approach in the past. But again, I don’t really know if this could work in your case.

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Aha, so if it is possible to store value in Make, between two of my requests - that could be a solution. Thank you so much for your explanation. :pray:

Yes, I have faced this problem before. My approach is basically the same: store the value in a data store, then if I need any changes, do a search on the data store, retrieve the value and add 1 to it, then write it back to Glide.