Formulas in glide table

Hi, I am trying to increment numbers in cells of a column with a formula. For example, when I increment a cell by +1, then I need the cells bellow in that column to do the same. I am able to do that in google sheets, but he reponse is very slow so the change in the app is not immediate. Does anyone know how to do that in a glide table?

So do you want to increment only cells “below” the changed cell, or should all cells in the same column, except the changed cell, be incremented?

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Hi! Thanks for your answer. Ideally I would like to increment only the cells below. But if that is not possible, is there a way to increment all of them except the changed one? Thanks!

For now I don’t think I have a good answer to this. A pseudo-idea is that we store a list of rowIDs that are “below” each cell and for every increment action, we send those IDs to an external service like Integromat/Make, finally sequentially call the Glide API to increment those rows.

The challenges to this are:

  • How to construct the array of “below” rowIDs
  • How to construct the array of “adjusted values” in anticipation of the increment. You can’t increment a value through an API call, so you have to calculate them in advance.

Can we know more about your use case for this?

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I think I can help Thinh with this and I imagine @popina wants something like this :

I called Delta (Δ+) your increment value and when it appears, the numbers bellow should have a new sequence based on that Delta right?

This is not a no-code solution of course but some times we have to apply the plan B :wink:

In the end, you are going to create 4 new computed columns to gather some info and help the JS code I developed to carry out this:

But to help you better, here you can see the demo APP and copy the logic about it:

I hope it helps you, feliz noche!


Gracias Gustavo!! :slight_smile: