Increment for all rows

Increment for a particular row and column is very straight forward. I am trying to increment for a particular column but with all the rows. For example, if I have 10 rows of data with columns A to D and I want to increment column D for all 10 rows, how would I set this up?

Much appreciated.


Please let me know how one can achieve this easily, I need to auto increment a number starting at 1 without User interactions.

Which plan do you have?

Do you mean:

  • Auto-increment the same value in a single row? If yes, if not based on user interaction then what is the criteria for incrementing the number?
  • Or, an auto-incrementing row number? If yes, see here.

On Business/Enterprise, you can use a Call API action to edit multiple rows at once with a batch API call to Glide.

On Pro, you can send a webhook payload to that contains all the rowIDs of the relevant rows, plus their new value after adjustment. Use a HTTP module to adjust the rows.