Increment Issue!

Hi Everyone,

I have been working on an app but have gotten stuck on the increment function. My app is separated into two sheets. One sheet is where orders comes in listing all the orders. The other sheet is the inventory of the product.

On the app I have a page using the order sheet that allows me to approve the order. When I approve the order I would like to decrement by the quantity of the order on the inventory page.

The problem I am facing is they are two separate sheets and I guess I cannot increment from one sheet to another sheet.

Does anyone know any work arounds or solutions??

If you create a single relation that links the item in the order sheet to the item in the inventory sheet, then you can set column values through that relation. I don’t remember offhand if the increment action works through a single relation, but if it doesn’t, then you can create a single value or lookup column in the order sheet that pulls the current inventory from from that single relation. Then create a math column to subtract the number of items that were ordered, then send that math value using a set column action through the relation back to the inventory sheet to update it.

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Just wait. Increment via relation is finally coming to Glide (it’s in staging now).


Thank you Jeff, Much appreciated!

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Really!! Do you know if this is something coming in the next month or so or is it still a couple months out?

Also, Love your videos!

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I bet it hits this week. If it’s already in staging, it should be out by Thursday is my guess.


Thursday is always my favorite day of the week haha.