Qty for inventory

Building my first app. It’s for a in store pickup at my store. I want to add an inventory of items like 3 Mac and cheese boxes. Then when a customer add that item to their order the inventory goes down to 2 Mac and cheese boxes. Is that possible and if so could someone help me by explaining how to accomplish that. Thanks!

It is possible. I have this functionality in my app

Just have to set the initial amount. Then, do a relation to the item name in your sales sheet. Roll up the count and use a math column to subtract the count from the original total.

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Great I’ll check this out soon. Appreciate the help!

I do appreciate the help but I’m not really understanding how to do this. I’m a bit of a newbie. is there anyway I can get more of a detailed exclamation?

This should help:

Great thanks! How does this work if I want a button to be used to item that item to a list on another tab?


Within the app, probably need a column with a form button > checkbox attached. The other sheets can check for that column to form a relation and thus add the item.

If you want the item to show up in the Google Sheet, then instead of a relation, do a query in the other sheet that’s searching for that checkbox value.