How to reduce the product count after the sales

Hi this is SO and using PRO app
I would like to understand how can i set the quantity for selling product.
And reduce based on the number of items been sold.

Supposed i have
Product A 10 (avaliable)
Product B 5 (avaliable)
Product C 3 (avaliable)

when user purchase A for 3… Want to update the status like below
Product A 7 (avaliable)
Product B 5 (avaliable)
Product C 3 (avaliable)

I could not find any related items in the doc.

Also wanted to made buy button disable when it is reached to Zero

Kindly help me out for this challenges

Hi @so_root

There are a number of community posts about this.

Here is one I thought might be useful



Thanks for reply ! And sorry for late response.
Will check on that your link !

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