Using a Form to add a value to table

I am trying to make a checkout system that can have multiple items of the same type that can be checkedout and returned. For example: A user can checkout or return 3 HDMI cables.

I need to find a way to tie in a check out and return button with the user, and having the value of how many items are checked out or returned to reflect the change on the Item sheet.

I made a form that a user can enter information and it captures it on a sheet, the only thing that I need help is writing the formulas or columns to refelect the items entered and having it change how many items available or in stock that are on a different sheet.
Anyone have any thoughts?

I think you can set up a relation to the table/row you want to make the increment/decrement and use an on-submit action to make the needed change.

Another option is to use a rollup on all checkin/checkout quantities and use a math column to derive the final number to show to the user.