Add Quantities from Two Separate Sheets

I need help with setting this up. I am wanting to auto-calculate item quantities from two separate sheets. It seems fairly simple, but I’ve tried several logics and I cannot move forward.

I’ve tried creating a relation between both sheets using the “Current Stock” columns, but the relation output is showing the items.

Again, just want both “Current Stock” columns to output a total calculations between the two. Also, would I need to have the Item names to match?


Sheet A
Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 7.23.03 PM

Sheet B
Screen Shot 2021-04-20 at 7.22.33 PM

The relation’s visual presentation is just a way to show that it finds a match, or multiple matches, not the actual value you’re getting back.

Let’s say you want to calculate the total in Sheet A, create a relation to sheet B and return the actual count in Sheet B using a lookup, then a math column to add the two stock counts together.

I would advise using a reliable column as the connector for the relation. Usually I use IDs, but if you’re confident your items won’t ever have a duplication then just go ahead.


Thanks ThinhDinh! I’ve been beating myself up on this and yes it appears I made it much more complex then I needed to. :laughing: As far as duplication, IDs would be ideal… :+1:

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Also to include, the Item names needed to match for the relation to pull the counts.

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