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I have two sheets which relate to each other.
For example:
Sheet 1:
Quote No | Company | Others
0001 | ABC Sdn Bhd |

Sheet 2:
Quote No | Item | Price | Others
0001 | Gs-3246 | 200 |
0001 | Gs-3333 | 500 |
0001 | GS-4010 | 200 |

Sheet 1 in the main sheet .
How to make they add more item in sheet 2 from sheet 1 after submit.

Can you put an example of sumbition and what are you expecting to have?

Thank you for replying @adriasoce
On my main sheet i’m using button to add row at sheet 2

For example i add two items in sheet 2 for 1 quotation.
it will be:
Sheet 1:
Quote no | name | others
0001 | Sara Sdn Bhd | …

Sheet 2:
Quote No | Items | Price
0001 | GS3246 | 200
0001 | GS3333 | 100

Thats example of after i submitted.

And how want to add more item for that quote no.?
Since my main sheet in sheet 1.

Do you want to edit the items and add more but without adding another quote to the sheet 1?

yes correct . because it relation one to many

I’m not sure I fully understand it, are you letting the users submitting for Sheet 2 from the details view of Sheet 1, or is the screen built on top of another Sheet?

Yes, this is correct which i need its can copied the quotation number as they click add item

So if you’re doing it inside the details view of Sheet 1, you can use the “screen column” value to bring it over to Sheet 2 inside a form.

Do you know where is the example and elaboration for “screen column” because i cant find in Glide Library