How Add New items from inLine list using Relations

I am having problems adding new items in to sheets that have a Multiple relations. I have 2 sheets, sheet#1 is a list of houses for sale, sheet#2 has Multiple pictures of each house. I am able to manually add the line items and then the images will show with an inline list on the detail screen of sheet#1 But when I add a new house to sheet#1 in Glide I can not figure out how to add new images from the inline list. Does any one have a suggestion or examples of how to accomplish this?


You can set it up like this:

  • Option 1: Keep it in 1 sheet, add many columns to store images in that sheet (Image 1, Image 2, Image 3, …) and just use the image picker to upload to those columns.

  • Option 2: To continue with your current setup. In each house item of sheet #1, add a form button that would record: the new image via an image picker (that would write to the image column in sheet #2), the house name (or ID) via columns component through sheet #1 and record that to the house column in sheet #2.

Thank you, Option 2 worked great.

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Nice to hear it worked :smile: