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I have a little properties app, you can see it here:

This is my problem: I’ve placed the images for the properties on a different Google sheet tabs than the properties, this way I can add many images without having to create additional column on the properties tab. The problem is that when I add a new property on the front end, I need a way to add images to this property. Even though there’s a relationship between tabs, I am not able to come up with a way to do this.

Any ideas are welcome!

@ThinhDinh ? @Robert_Petitto ?

Are you saying that you want to add images at the same time you create the property? I imagine they’re being linked right now via RowID or address? I also imagine you’re adding new properties via a form?

If so, you’re right—you can’t really add images to a property that doesn’t exist yet…you’d almost need to have an action that’s on form submission > view details > show form for this item


This is fairly simple.

  • Create a PropertyID column in both tables
  • When creating a new Property, populate a User Specific Column with a Unique ID value, and use this as the PropertyID when adding the new Property.
  • Once the Property is saved, you can then add one or more images to that Property, again using that same Unique ID value as the PropertyID

Then you link images to properties via the PropertyID.


This is a cool idea, I’ll give it a try, Thanks @Darren_Murphy :slight_smile:

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Interesting! I’ll give it a try, thanks @Robert_Petitto :slight_smile:

I’ve seen you mention this a few times lately. I starting using the same method on a new app and it works slick. In my case I use a custom form with an add row action, followed by a show screen action. It allows me to add a new row and navigate directly into it’s details with one button click. All based on unique ID.


Yeah, I use it a lot. I’ve had quite a few use cases where a record is created, and then there needs to be an inderminate number of images and/or documents uploaded and associated with that “master” record. So I use a separate table for the images/docs and associate via the unique ID. Works well :slight_smile:

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Dear @Jeff_Hager Would you mind sharing an app with this technique? Some of what you mentioned is a bit over my head :nerd_face::joy: but it sounds really good

I could probably extend my Custom Form concept app to incorporate this technique. It’s Saturday night and I’m bored, give me an hour or two :wink:

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Something like this?


Simple :slight_smile:

Now I don’t need to bother :rofl:

Wow this looks amazing! Thanks so much @Robert_Petitto. I’ll try it in my morning (Bali time) :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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I’m camping with barely 0.05mbs of garbage wifi and no cell signal, so I’ll have to check all of this out later. Basically what I’m creating is a personal app with folder based notes. So I can create folders that each can contain multiple notes, checklists, images, etc. When I create a new folder or note I create a new unique ID in a USC column in my custom form. Then fill out the form and submit by adding a row to a new sheet, including that unique ID. Then I clear all USC columns, except for the unique id column. I use that to build a relation to the folder or note sheet where I added the new folder/note. I can then navigate right into it through the relation and show it’s details immediately after adding the row.

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