Importing a value from previous tab

I have a properties sheet. I have a Form Button Add properties, that allows me to create property (UUID, address, type, GPS location)

Show the list of properties in an inline list and when I click on a property it shows me all the details (basic table). I add a Form Button on this details page “Add residents” that allows me to add the different people living in the property (fName, lName, email, contact num, etc…) The residents are held in a different sheet as there could be multiple residents in one property.

I need to link the residents to the property, I have a column called PropertyID in the residents table which I want to set with the UUID of the property. When I click the “add resident” from button how can I carry the UUID of the property I am in to be set in the residents sheet row ?


Here is one way…

  • Firstly, create a Single Relation between your Properties table and your User Profiles table, using the currently signed in user ID as the link.
  • Create a custom action here that first sets a User Specific column in your user profiles table, via the single relation, to the value of the Property UUID. And then do the Show Details screen action.
  • At this point, you should be able to use the Property UUID from your User Profiles table that was previously set.

When your are in the ‘add residents’ form, there should be a column value component that contains your property ID (UUID). Just add the property ID component that comes from the properties sheet and have it point to the property ID column in the residents sheet.


Good point. I always forget about those, because I don’t often use native forms.

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Still gotta remember the old (easy) way of doing things sometimes. :wink: Seems like a lot of people miss all of those extra components in forms and instead try to hack something together in the On Submit section. I rarely use On Submit for anything other that notifications or navigation.


Thanks guys, Let me try this.

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