Linking unique ID from a profile to different databases

Hi guys,

I’m creating something similar to the pet app in this video that the glide team made.

A user would load all their pets (pet profile)

The within each pet profile I want to display their basic information (easy enough) but underneath that I would like to have a tab/list/component that directed the user to “current pages pet profiles”: Medical records , reminders etc.

To summarise my question:

  • how do I only display the selected pets profile information only on the profile page
  • how would I (when creating a new entry) save the record to the current pet profile

I presume the solution would involve database and front end changes so sorry if its a lengthy one to help me with. I’m just not getting answers from the online docs.

Illustration to assist with the flow:

Thanks in advance.

Assuming you have a table for Pet Profiles, as well as separate tables for Medical, Reminders, Etc…All you need to do is create a relation to each sub table using a Row ID for example.

  • In your Pet table, add a Row ID column.
  • In your sub tables, add a basic text column that will be used to hold the related pet’s RowID value.
  • On the Pet detail screen, add 3 form buttons. Each form will write to each of the sub tables.
  • Inside each form, add a Column component for the Pet’s RowID. This will pass the RowID from the pet you are currently viewing, into each of the sub tables.
  • Now create 3 relations in your Pet table to each of the sub tables linking the Pet RowID to the ID that was written to each sub table.
  • On your Pet detail screen add 3 inline lists that are each sources from each relation.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager I’ve made some progress off your advice!
Currently struggling with point 4, “Add column component”.

I’m clicking on the “new form button” which I created which navigates me to that form, I’m hitting the plus button (for new component) but not seeing a way to add a “column component”. Am I being blond? Any direction you can add?

Thanks again.

Sorry, I keep wanting to call it by the wrong name.

When you are in the form, you should have access to several components. The Value components pull values from the source table of the screen that contains your form button. You also have access to User Profile values and Special Values. These are added just like components, but are invisibile on the screen. They simply pass that value (such as RowID) into the table that your form is writing to.