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I’m stuck in a situation and I hope that someone can help me. In my app, I have created different profile. Each profil has its information. Each profile can edit their own information like the social media. I’ve created 2 databases, the first one reference all my user. And the second reference the personal social media for each user (column in user-specific). First database :

The second :

I would like to allow my users to share their profile with each other and thus share their social networks. But here is my problem: when person A opens the profile of person B, the socila network that opens is that of person A and not that of B. So here is my question, Do you think it’s possible to send the information in (second image) “URL- Row 4(utilisateur id)” to “user name” in the first image ?

You can’t use a user specific table because the values are just that—user specific. No other user can see that info. Better to create all the social media entries as columns.

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Ok, but we can’t send a value from a table to an other ? Because i’ve tried to use relation column to send the value from the user-specific database to my user databe by using the “Utilisateur id’s column” (image 2) which refere to the row Id from my user database.

Two ideas I can think of, and it really depends what features you are building in the UI of your app:

Idea 1

  • You don’t need 2 tables. Include table 2 inside table 1.
  • In table 1, add a basic text column (PlatformName) and a basic URL column (ProfileURL) for each social media platform: PlatformName1, ProfileURL1, PlatformName2, ProfileURL2, PlatformName3, ProfileURL3, etc.
  • Now each row in your User Profile table will have the information about platform and profile URLs.

Idea 2

  • Do not use user-specific columns.
  • Each row will house the platform and associated profile URL for each user. For example: Row1 UserA FacebookURL, Row2 UserB TwitterURL, Row3 UserA TwitterURL, Row4 UserC InstagramURL, Row5 UserB FacebookURL, etc.
  • Create a relation from table 1 to table 2 to point each row in table 1 (User Profiles) to their associated social media platforms.

You seem to be trying to build Idea 2. I think you mistakenly used user-profile columns, and I think what you really want is idea 1.

Indeed, the method 1 is the best idea. But I think it’s not ideal for the UI. Particularly when my user edits their own information. I find that it’s better when I use an inline-list for the social media that open an edit screen. Because if I use the same database, it’s not possible for me to have an interface like this :

I agree with you. My suggestion and idea 1 would imply you would probably use text entry components on the add screen.

I few thoughts why I would follow idea 1:

  1. It’s simpler. Simpler to set up. Simpler for the user (less clicks, clear expectation).

  2. It’s a usual design pattern when filling out one’s profile to do so on one screen and not multiple. The best digital native brands in the world do this. They’ve done their research, there probably is a good reason they do it this way.

Mobbin is a good place to find the latest design patterns.

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