Settings in user profile data sheet

Should all columns in a user profile data sheet be set as user specific columns?

No. A user profile sheet already has a row for each user, so there there is no need to store multiple values for multiple users in a single cell in a single row…unless for some reason you have a feature that allows multiple users to input data that’s unique only to them on someone else’s profile row.


Thanks for replying. Sorry, I’m still a little confused. What do you mean by multiple values for multiple users in a single cell? What would be an example of that? I just want to collect basic user info, name, email, phone, etc. When do I want to make a column user specific? I saw an example in a tutorial video about users making notes on a component, and I like that. So that would be a user specific column? Or if I want to show the user in their profile menu a list of their favorited items, would that be user specific? I just confused on when I would want to use this feature.

Separate, but kind of related follow up question, can users edit their info once they have entered it? Do those columns need to be set to be user specific in order to allow them to edit after they enter their initial data?

A user specific column allows users to enter data in a single column in a single row without anybody else seeing what they entered.

For example let’s say we each see a list of products and we both select the same product. In the details view for that product, there are two notes components. The first one is connected to a non-user specific column and the second notes component is connected to a user specific column. If you type something in the first note component, I will see it and if I type something, you will see it. If we both type something in the second note component, then we won’t see what each other wrote and it will store our separate notes separately in that same row/column. The user specific column makes the experience unique to each of us.

If multiple users are seeing and sharing the same row, but you want to have unique stored values for each user, then use a user specific column.

If each user has their own row and can only edit their own row, then there isn’t a need for a user specific column.

User specific columns have nothing to do with user profiles. It’s only purpose is to allow multiple users to store values that are unique to only them in the same column cell of the same row.

When you add a favorites component, then it should create an isFavorite column automatically, which my default is a user specific column, so each user can favorite something unique to them and it won’t become a favorite for everyone else.

Yes users can edit their profile. When viewing profile details, it’s as simple as enabling edit mode. No, the columns do not need to be user specific because each user has their own row to edit.


Thank you! It sounds like I was trying to make it way more complicated, at least for my use case, than it needs to be.

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