A few suggestions

  1. unique cell - Sometimes you need to create a specific cell (not a column and not a row) with a unique ID.
    This cell could be used both for calculations and for reference to specific data.

  2. more options when creating a new action:
    At the same time, it is necessary that when creating a new action, I could use a unique cell ID or user profile, instead of using table rows.

I need this so that in my social game I can increase the rating of another user (the “Rating” cell) using the “resources” of my profile (the “Crystals” cell). I also need to be able to use my resource (the “Crystals” cell) from one table to raise the guild level (the “Guild Level” cell), whose data is in another table

Thanks for your attention

If I’m understanding your question correctly you have a few ways to do this.

You can create a single relation to the user profile table, or a single relation to any other table, and set a column value in that table through the single relation.

Another option is to have a table with a single row full of user specific columns. Then create a Single Value column that points to the Whole Row in this new table. This acts like a single relation, so you can set values in that table through the Single Value Row.